Monday, July 18, 2011

The ramblings of a fan.

Harry Potter film review.

A series that played a huge part in entertaining us for a better part of the decade, a grand saga came to a rather disappointing end.
Maybe the weight of expectations was too much for director  David Yates- the fact that the film had to go out with a bang, the fact that there needed to be a fitting end to a series that has been so intricately merged with our growing up et al. But in this last one…the one movie that actually mattered the most that was supposed to be the grand finale, I would say, he faltered.
His reasons for faltering were many maybe it had a lot to do with screen writer Steve Kloves amongst other things. Maybe the exhaustion of having written dialogues for all the Harry Potter movies save Order of the Phoenix, showed. It is extremely hard to fit a 500 page book into a screen-time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, but having said that, there was always something missing in this epic finale. It was just not there…
An ardent Harry Potter book lover who has the contents of the book right on the fingernails, would probably trash the film by using phrases like “Epic-fail” and “complete rubbish” “killed it” “ruined it” etc. etc. I, on the other hand, would not like to overshadow some absolutely brilliant scenes and acting put together with the fact that some very important scenes in the book were not in the film.
Technically this film was fantastic and the special effects in the movie will blow the viewer away. But then again, one would have preferred that the film be made non 3D like all its predecessors. The 3D used here did not “enthral” the audience throughout rather it seemed to serve the purpose of earning the extra buck for Warner Bros. as if it actually needed it!! Having said that, there were portions of the film that did actually take your breath away especially the scene where McGonagall builds the shield around Hogwarts and when Voldemort actually manages to crack it or the epic battle between Harry and Voldemort.
That apart, there is a considerable amount of content in the film or rather the lack of it that left the viewers disappointed or should we say waiting for more. I guess one can always ruminate on the fact that there could have been so much more…yet I feel looking back at it all, one should feel happy about all that was….