Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time and I


A whirlwind…
Brief yet tumultuous
Though quick it was enjoyable…
It just simply flew…
The time I spent at home!!

It’s as if I just entered the doors of my house yesterday,
…into the welcoming arms of my granny and granddad…
It feels like yesterday that I entered my room
And saw my room spic and span very unlike the one I had left…
It seems only like yesterday that I came “home”.

The constant hullabaloo, the running around
Everything was back, there was a constant buzz around the house
It seemed like ages when I had seen mom last frown.

But the last day arrived…

Sadness seemed to overpower all emotion…
The messiness of my room began to disappear, the noise in the hall decreased
I saw my parent’s faces fall and with a tear drop in their eye
They seemed unwilling but were forcibly saying goodbye
But all I told them was that even though I would be gone..
In every little bit of this house and within themselves my presence would linger on…

Friday, January 14, 2011

Of The Old and The New....


We are all gathered here…today…in remembrance of the recently replaced laptop…a huge impossibly “portable mini desktop”!!

In its fondest of recollections I have a few words to say…

Whoever said letting go was the toughest thing on Earth was pretty correct. It is very had you know. It sucks- now be it people or anything else in the whole wide world…

In my case it’s a laptop!! My Vaio laptop was a huge 17inch “mini TV” as I used to call it. As much as it was liked for its size…that turned out to be its weakness as well. The laptop weighed more than 5 kgs and after carrying it around for more than a year and half…today I have to let it go….

As they say…

Small is the new BIG…

And now I welcome my new HP DM4. It has huge expectations to live up to…I hope it does!

My Vaio shall be missed.

For all those good times.

Thank You.


Size DOES matter…!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Knowledgeable Fun…

These 2 days that just went by (Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th of January) have been mindboggling, amazing to say the least. And not only because I met some amazing people but because I learnt so much…

And as they say…sharing is the best way to enhance one’s memory!!! So here goes…

I will begin with yesterday (Sunday) since that’s fresh in the head. Rajesh Uncle is an ace photographer, they say that words can weave a magic web around a person…I say, with his photographs Rajesh uncle breaks all barriers of magic…calling him a magician with the camera seems like an understatement…

Come to my place in Kolkata and you will know what I am talking about…our entire house is filled with photographs (of us of course, a narcissistic family….naah we just appreciate God creating such handsome and beautiful human beings….US!!!) that he has clicked of us!

There is a lot to admire from my dad’s friendship with him, firstly the fact that they are the best of pals-they have such a good strong bond, which you see rarely in the world today and secondly, if the camera is what Rajesh Uncle uses to weave a magical web…words is what my Pop uses effortlessly…it’s like poetry hangs from his tongue the way his tummy hangs from his belt (:P just kidding, a better comparison wasn’t to be found!!)- a thrilling combo these two. There is always so much to learn from the both of them!!

Anyway, my college is hosting a fest- Maadhyam and comes up with these crazily creative contests- a promotional activity of course, but with a cause!! Anyway, their second contest was about something that I hold close to my heart and have started to love- Photography. There had be an entry from my side, I couldn’t know about a photography competition and just let it go…I knew I had to enter…

My ideas, sometimes stretches all limits and this one I think, did! There was need of lights and the one person I could think of going to was Rajesh uncle. And he was gracious enough to help.

I knew I had to plan and go and I have a habit of just planning in my head and leaving it at that. But not this time, I was going to learn a lesson and a lesson I learnt.

Just for one photograph, I saw the amount of preparation that was needed…the light setting (a barn door light along with a snoot light), a proper composition, proper and clear ideation of the entire idea among other things. It was a crazy affair, so many ideas…such a huge setup…but you know what, I enjoyed it. And I can understand why photographers are obsessed with clicking…its the joy of the final result that gives you ultimate satisfaction…and all I can say is…I am satisfied today.

Before going though both him and Pop told me ,"Doing something because your passionate about is good, but once you get into that particular act deeper you will know the level of your passion and that will make you improve by leaps and bounds. Don't just skim the surface, get into it and gain as much knowledge about the subject as possible."
I hope I win the contest, but that is later…for now I earn myself a good night’s sleep before the rigors of Monday hit me.

Thank you, Rajesh uncle for the valuable lesson.

Do visit his site and you will know what I mean.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Neela :P

A special friend, one of those close ones you cant do without!!

I had been told of an angel…
An angel that would come pay a visit
I didn’t believe it
It was beyond the realm of my imagination

But then you came…
With the soft smile playing on your lips
All I saw was carefree innocence and…
I think I started believing again!!!

Keep that teen alive in you.

Happy Twenteen Shalini!!!! : D

A Farewell....

This was a farewell speech I wrote for my cousin.....

And he liked it!!! :D

As I stand here, to speak to you, I remember the phrase “…when boys become men...” And here I am, the man! 
Please clap! 

But, on a serious note, we are finally beginning to get into the groove and will be working as full time professionals 

now. The transition is complete. 

To think that at one point of time this seemed like a destination never imagined. But today the destination is just another step towards our destiny.

And now that I have reached it and as I look back, I can’t help but feel proud of the entire journey that I have taken with each and single one of you.

These 3 years have just whizzed past us, it’s like I have been living in this dream which is now drawing to a beautiful end and I am happy, because I know another beautiful one is about to start.

The Tata’s, Ambani’s all saw their organizations grow in front of their very eyes and with this organization I can say the same…

When I came in as an intern- it was a small office, with 8 to 10 people around, working, I think!!! 

But now in 3 years, you and I have witnessed something amazing. We have seen this organization (Manish Modi and associates) grow and most of us move from that small office to this huge conglomerate. 

We couldn’t be happier but, however big this organization becomes I will always have the image of that small office with 8 to 10 people around. 

As they say, you remember very few things of the past but then the best memories are of those same few things…and this place is something I have terrific memories about.

 The real people we need to thank is our bosses( 3 of them - Amit, Manish and Samir Sir). When you say a thank you, for many it’s just the 2 words being blurted out…but not for me or any of us here, that is a sure thing. Without these inspirational leaders, I really wonder where we would be languishing, they have been such great teachers…more than that they have been amazing mentors and I wish that the “thank you” could encapsulate all the love and respect I have for them. 

 Thanks to all of you for making this experience and these 3 years truly memorable!!

I wish I could keep on sharing with you the wonderful things I want to say about this organization. But then, I will be gracious enough to give the others a chance and then WE HAVE A PARTY TO ATTEND TO.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 31st Rush….

Written Sometime on the 31st of December 2010!!

My hands are twitching
I fail to comprehend anything...
My eyes shut.
I let the music fill me up

Today there is no agenda. no rules...nothing
Today life has its own plans,
And I am letting go
Welcoming this change with open arms and a little jig I call a dance!!!

I am absorbing…
Absorbing it through and through
My hearts racing ready, screaming to be released from its protective chains
Every inch of my body is filled with some kind of energy
I feel hot….
This is a feeling I haven’t experienced before…

I can’t think straight
And today I think I just don’t want to!!
My eyes shut tighter as I really begin to feel the music’s pull
It’s liberating and refreshing
My head’s bobbing up and down as my shoulders and feet do their own thing…

I forget where I am
Who I am
My body and soul were separate beings
And tonight I am in love with this feeling….