Monday, November 28, 2011

Jilted Lover's

The calls began to fade, the laughter died, love flickered and all that remained now was a few broken hearts and a lot of silence.

That was what it came to now! It was never like that though, but somehow, it had became so. Things died. Love died. She seemed to be perfect for him and his world revolved around her. They were young, incredibly infatuated and it almost bordered on unabashed possessive love…nothing ever happened and it seemed as if it had already. They shared feelings so strong that it sent tingles of happiness down their spines.

He acted like only a lover would, all foolish and stupid- blown away by the way she looked, closing his eyes taking in deep breaths of her as she passed by. He treasured every bit of her. Loved everything about her. The only date he ever remembered was the night of the 20th December, the 1st time she met him wearing a blue jacket and scored a knockout. Young love-the beginnings of a first love began to spring. It moved him to incredible heights of bliss every time she was around. Excuses to meet, fumbles when talking- everything, everything happened when she was around. And he couldn’t stop it. He tried hard to make an impression. But it had already been made. He just didn’t know it.

She on the other hand- opened up like a book and yet kept something guarded, something secret. She couldn’t get enough of him and showed it and yet there were things she kept hidden. From him. From the world. Things she believed would burst her little bubble of happiness. Or make him take things for granted.
Poles apart, she often wondered how they came to become so close, almost inseparable- what made her fall for him. It was a question she still stumbled with. What had made him the one? He charmed her, made her happy, let her be herself. Yes, that was it. She no longer was a façade, in front of him. She was allowed to open up. She was heard. She was wanted. And that was all that she craved for.

Everything moved on but time had stopped for them. They lived for each other and everything else merely existed. They lived far away in a small bubble of their own, untroubled with all the things around them.
But then came the test. There always was one- the test of love, the test of time. They believed they were too good for it. He believed he was too good. But he wasn’t.

School ended, college began, he met new people and began to lose a grip on things. In an effort to fit in, he began losing his place in the heart of someone he already fitted in. He hoped she would understand and she did but all it did was to feed his carelessness- he started losing out on the one thing he knew was the most precious.

The calls decreased, the texts became sporadic. He got taken over by the new environment, enveloped in it; he wanted to establish himself in his new environment and in the process broke all his established relationships. The people he loved the most, he hurt.

He hoped she would understand. She did and waited for it all to end. But the faith she had in him kept draining…decreasing just as everything else had.

Some part of her still awaits the return of the boy she had fallen for but he, for his part, has gotten lost in the mêlée of things and can’t find his way around…

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Big Bhandari Bash

This is for all those who missed the big Bhandari wedding bash…

One dance after another, the stage was set ablaze as families from both sides gave entertaining performances. The Bhandari's very own Shahrukh did one hell of a job. The oooh's and aaah's of the not so young and getting eyed at by the nieces and ladies from bride's side said it all!!

 But the one who actually stole the show was the bridegroom himself- he did what one would call a side stage dance!! Eyes only for the bride he was oblivious of everything that was around him. Love had made him blind and what they shared was what I had only read about- fairy-tale love!! Not for one second did he leave her side. And if he was whisked away he made sure it lasted only a second long.

At the baraat as I danced our socks off as did the others- for joy and for love, for fun and just because that’s what baraati’s do!! I glanced towards the "man" who we did all of this for- and I couldn't help but notice the excitement he was poorly concealing to get married to and get near bhabhi. He was clearly bowled over by this maiden. They were in love and it was written all over his face.

I guess even the horse Manku da sat on felt the entire weight of his love. I am sure he wondered why his rider had the sudden urge to move so much just like the pesks (read: baraati) in front of him.

We danced with every ounce of energy in our body and so did manku dada. So happy and so in love. His friends did the best to make him wait agonizingly long and enjoyed the various looks of anguish that flashed right until the moment they reached the phera's with even the pundit playing games with him. He just couldn't wait to be married and his updates on Facebook proclaimed the same too, inciting so many of us to make fun of him too.

This was the 1st wedding that I've attended in my life and I am so glad that it was this one that I made it to this one- meeting cousins, spending time with them was one of the good things but seeing such unabashed love between people was quite the experience that I will never forget in a lifetime.