Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Foreword- Pune Memory Project

After a long while, I felt like writing something and at the same time Pune Diaries was coming out with a new project...The Pune Memory Project. And I decided to pen down, in this case, type out the foreword.

Here it is....

Pune is a state of mind. A state of heart. It is a statement in itself. Just as traffic courses its streets, history courses its veins. And the city that sleeps late and wakes up later brims with students from every part of the country and beyond. Behind their laughter and camaderie are stories which make Pune as we know it today.

Hidden amongst the hustle bustle and continuous construction and burgeoning traffic are places that are its history, its heritage, yes something much more than that - its essence, its soul!

You have the lip smacking food of Vohumans Cafe which is as simple as a bun-maska and chai to the more evolved Marz-o-rin serving up a deliciously cool green apple chiller with an equally mouth watering pasta to answer the plea of an empty stomach. Amidst these splendid eateries stands the magnificent fortress of Shaniwarwada right from the time of Peshwa Baji Rao in the 1800’s and Manney’s- a 60 year old bookstore with a legion of its own loyal customers. Pune has it all, often taken for granted and rarely celebrated.

These sites have been the cynosure of all eyes for decade’s now and even as the newer generations pour into this city they become among the first things that they hear about or visit.

The Memory Project is a celebration; it is an ode to the owners of all the places we have managed to cover, and a tribute to each and every one of you and us, who have made Pune what it is, and will be as the future unravels on the foundation of what we do to it today. This project has given us the opportunity to talk to the owners and live a journey of transition through their eyes.

And now we want to take you along with us on this journey.

Welcome aboard this rickshaw ride into the sunset of stories…

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