Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hope Round The Corner

“Imagine seeing a six year old kid sitting on the streets sniffing some banned substance. Imagine…!”
What would you do? Would you choose to ignore and walk past or try helping the kid? Would you get scared of the prospect that somehow if the kid touches or breathes on you the infection will spread? I think I know what the common sentiment among (most) the youth would be- ignore or laugh and walk away giving a plethora of comments like, “This is what today’s world has come to.” Or maybe some would give a sympathetic glance at the poor soul but that’s all. That’s where our emotions draw a boundary.
The elderly on the other hand and again not all but most of them would curse the kids and their parentage about how unethical and moral less parents are to allow their children to go through with all this and more.
However there are people…kind people…like the ones at Society Undertaking Poor People’s Onus of rehabilitation (SUPPORT) among others, who do give a damn about these children, who do want to improve their lifestyle and make the kids walk the right path. There still remains a hope for these kids, some who are just out of their nappies and beginning school while others ready for marriage but without a bride and a college degree.
There needs to be some means of calling out to people all over the world to start noticing, helping and reaching out to these kids. There needs to be a growth in the effort by not only NGO’s but people themselves so that these unfortunate souls can have a better future.

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