Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pent Up

A motley crowd gathered around, each sadder than the other
A deathly silence prevailed as some singer croaked and soft music was belted out
The rituals became a drag
Everyone became edgy!!
There was an uneasy tension building up in the room..
So many of us were teary eyed and yet no one cried!
What was holding us back?
What stopped us from expressing their grief?
I wondered.....
Was it that we did not want to be weak?
Was it because we did not want to be seen so vulnerable?
Was it....
Suddenly a child's cry pierced shocked us out of our silent reverie
The child cried with abandon as if the only one in mourning
He disturbed the pin drop silence among the crowd and in a way unleashed our grief
from within......
It was through a little soul...
through a little soul.....that we found a way of releasing our pent up emotions!!!!

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