Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreaming about Reality Checks...!!

There is but one place where I can escape and no one can reach me…one place where I am who I want to be, can do what I wish to and live the way I want to- this place, this sacred haven is known as my dream!!!
But then everything can’t be rosy and goody goody.
Dreams maybe your escape from reality but however much you wish it isn’t reality.
It’s all like one big cruel joke played on you. Every night you sleep and see visions of the things that you crave for, excite you and you want but then dawn arrives and ruins it all. That which had been so clear and appealing just the night before seems hazy and blurred as the rays of the sun hit your face (be it the morning or afternoon depends on you!). You wake up half snoozy and the dream plays in your head however indistinct it maybe….
In your head you continue to believe what is happening, but then slowly the truth dawns on you as you see the confines of your room appearing and merging in with your dream and realization hits home that this was God’s way of playing a joke and somewhere he was rolling on the floor laughing seeing your state of complete disillusionment.
I had a similar joke played on me. I have this amazing fascination of assassins/private detectives, be it James Bond, The Transporter, Jason Bourne or even Jacques Clouseau. I just love everything about them- their suave demeanor; the apparent ease with which they impress their femme fatale (couldn’t find a better word!!), their whole chic appearance and the cool things that they get to do…blah blah blah…
Anyway the point is, I was (have been) dreaming of being all those characters (one night per character of course) and every time I arrive at the crux of the mission or even close to the fact that I just might bowl over one of the femme fatales with my awesome personality…reality strikes! I wake up!!
And that’s the end of that…
What am I to do?
Love dreaming or hate it?

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  1. You know,when we're in the constructed reality of our living,we often call it dream-like. But it's actually real-like more often than not. Because you never know when it's a dream and when it's real...