Friday, October 1, 2010

Mine Own Master

It was not a choice I had
There was nothing I could do
I was told to leave
I had to…
End of story.

I felt shattered
Or maybe it was just my heart breaking inside!!!
I could feel the tears well up inside me,
Clouding my vision…
My nose leaked and my face contorted
In anger
Or was it pain, I did not know
All I knew was that I was told to go
But emotions always give you a different story to tell.

This had been their worst decision and all I could do was sit here and whine
About the chances that I saw go up in smoke in spite of all my trying.
I wanted to put all the blame on them
Curse them dead
Maybe…I shouldn’t…
But then I had to vent out my frustrations and it took two to play the blame game!!

It was time to walk away
The quicker I did the easier it would be,
I crunched up my feelings within me
And my long walk back began…

Fear overpowered my sorrow,
It was game over
I was out
And after so much it was time to start from scratch
To begin for a second time!!

Maybe this was just as well, because from failure came experience
And accompanied with it I would be my own master again!!!

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