Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Case of a Dreamer

This place I stay in, is like the whole world
To me the whole world…is just like this place
This world seems a beautiful place because you are here with me
It is your presence which makes this place beautiful…
As usual I was dreaming about me and you again...
all alone…
in this desolate place…
with no other person nearby to trace
left to wonder where you had gone…!
There are times when I just want to take your hand and feel its warmth
There are times when I want to see the sparkle in your eyes all day long
There have been times when I want to hold you tight in my arms knowing that this is what brings calm to my mind
You look at me with an unusual sparkle in your eyes
The smile you give subdues a thousand cries…
It is not that I am crazy, a raving lunatic or a stalker of some kind
It’s just that I am a dreamer and these things keep me happy so I would rather dream on…if you don’t mind!

1 comment:

  1. are you sure its a dream?? whose the person in the dreams? :)