Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plug It Out

You try to hide it,
You try to struggle through it,
You try to brave it out
You try to steer clear of it
But that don’t work either
Isn’t there a way to get it over with?
You try and try and try some more
But nothing seems to be working out anymore
How do you get rid of it?
Can you ignore it?
They seem to be jabbering on and on and on giving no breaks or any respite
The monotony of it all drains your will of putting up a fight!
Trying to make sense out of it is an option no more
A 40 minute barrier between you and the door
The wait seems like a lifetime times 4.
The mind seems sluggish, the body is sore
My eyelids are heavy; energy’s sucked out of my body till the last of its pore.
Half the class is snoring while the other half wants to shout out loud...BORING!!
The only answer I seem to find till this torture ends is plugging myself out from all things boring and super slow
Tune myself into a world where I haven't been before!
I figure it's time to put the music on full blast and journey through the realms of the unknown!!!!


  1. :) Very nice!!!All of us could relate to it as SIMC-ians especially..

  2. good one. we SIMC-ians are like this only!

  3. This is awesome! :D

  4. This is amaing :)..And i truly agree with Rohini.Very aptly put.