Thursday, April 15, 2010

Secret Eye

Those large quizzical eyes were looking for something familiar
They searched for comfort and a whole lot more
They sparkled and gleamed but not out of fear or anger but of pure joy of being here....
I didnt look her way at all in shyness that my true feelings would be discovered
I felt like it should stay hidden but it was also somethin i treasured
And then the moment came when our eyes finally did meet
My heart fluttered and my body shivered
Everything slowed down
Time stopped.....
I got caught....
My heart was pounding against my ribs i feared tht it would be heard by
that loony standing a mile away.....
Locked for long our eyes said a lot more than our tongues ever could
The playfulness the craziness the happiness the madness i could see everything
in those eyes
They were as clear as pure as the rain from the skies
The more i looked into the depths of those eyes the more at peace i felt
I was transported to a world where you and i were alone
Where nothing but our love existed
A place where your aura was what lit the place up
A place where you were happy and so was i
This is when a realization struck me.....
In you my perfect match i had found........


  1. Thats probably the best feeling in the world...
    Beautiful note!

  2. ...experienced the feeling once upon a good tingles it does...but thank you :)

  3. If you continue writing so damn well, I may, for all you know, start believing in love! Looks like a beautiful feeling, the way you've described it.