Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Long Legs and No leg space!!!

 17th December (On a flight to Guwahati) 

Wow look at her man!!! She’s such a good looker!! She goes on and on and on…with legs like that!!!! She would be reaching for the sky with those bamboo shoots of hers…wow…!!

In only a matter of seconds a girl is analyzed by those hungry eyes of every man born on this planet. It’s a fact of life and it sounds degrading….disgusting too…but well it’s just the way it is! Be it a tennis player or an actress or just a passerby you just can’t stop admiring their long legs!! It’s like they are always wearing stilts….
Anyway this is taking me away from what I want to write…so getting back to that….
For the past hour and half I have been sitting in this extremely uncomfortable passengers seat of Go Air with two extremely boisterous and irritating people for company. The only place that I can really vent my tension is on this writing pad that I have.
I read my opening paragraph again, I wonder why I began like that…I will let be…I see it generates the interest….  
Flights nowadays charge exorbitantly yet provide people with the least amount of leg space on a flight.  Only a few days back Mallya was all over the news protesting against the government’s wish to reduce prices on the tickets booked for flights. He mentioned a phrase that is popular nowadays “media sensationalization”.  He gave reasons of demand and supply to back his argument. All this is being done in an effort to undo some good that the gov’t is actually trying to do. But then it is his bread and butter or should I say cake and wine- this Kingfisher business….
I wish someone could tell him that with the exorbitant rates that these flights are planning to charge, their flights seem to be getting smaller...miracles never cease to happen isn’t it? More the money you get, the SMALLER your aircraft gets and well the quality of food is another story all together!
Kingfisher doesn’t pose such problems of leg space and food quality, they remain top class but one cannot say so about the other airlines…
Bullock carts in that sense were so much better, more spacious…those old times…
This for now will remain a blog/journal entry only…
Till anything happens in the distant future all I can do is stay cramped in that uncomfortable thing they call a passengers’ seat, get hit by extremely apologetic airhostesses moving around huge food trolleys because my leg was sticking out and CURSE under my breath for my long legs and no leg space!  

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