Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Of Times Gone By...

Where have those times gone,
when i could spread that smile across on face without saying too much!
Where did it all go?
the twinkle of the eyes as you looked at me after many a day
seemed to have elapsed since we had last seen each other, even though it had been but a few hours?
I talk to you now like a master would to his servant and you with those quiet eyes listen dolefully, ready to obey every command I give.
You give a vibe given often by dead people.
What is it that died?
Have we sacrificed our love in the bigger scheme of things or has everything that we felt for each other come to an end?
Why has everything become so dark and distant between the two of us?

When will the magic return?
Will it return at all?
The smile you smiled, the look you gave me, staring into my eyes and right into my heart!

When will your head bow down to stifle a grin at some pathetic joke I cracked instead of being subservient to my commands.
Time has flowed below the bridge but  does that mean we have changed so much too?

When will you be the woman you once were?
When will your bent head and crystal blue eyes signify that you arent troubled but just glad that I am there.

1 comment:

  1. Marriage and the unit of 'family' is not only a blissful union but also about growing old together. Beautifully expressed!