Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Gradpops :D

Facebook is a great connector, one takes it for granted but when you would sit and think of will hit you how amazing FB really is!!!
I am not going to rant on the awesomeness of FB...naah...I just want to appreciate its existence...few people have "time" to do that actually!!!
One would now think why this sudden acknowledgement and love for FB, well its Grandad's B'day today and he's away in Nagpur....the medium to wish him and send him his present.....



This was our little gift to him on his 78th b'day.

Happy 78th Dadu.

And like water 
And like air
You are to us

A smile 
Like a shower
In days of dark

A love
A warmth
Always the hug

Only answers
No questions
Ever the embrace

Happy Birthday!!

Neelu Lalit Pappu 
Meenu Tanu Swetu 

Photograph- Your Grandson 
Poem- Your Son

Love and Wishes- Everyone!!! :P :P :D

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