Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 31st Rush….

Written Sometime on the 31st of December 2010!!

My hands are twitching
I fail to comprehend anything...
My eyes shut.
I let the music fill me up

Today there is no agenda. no rules...nothing
Today life has its own plans,
And I am letting go
Welcoming this change with open arms and a little jig I call a dance!!!

I am absorbing…
Absorbing it through and through
My hearts racing ready, screaming to be released from its protective chains
Every inch of my body is filled with some kind of energy
I feel hot….
This is a feeling I haven’t experienced before…

I can’t think straight
And today I think I just don’t want to!!
My eyes shut tighter as I really begin to feel the music’s pull
It’s liberating and refreshing
My head’s bobbing up and down as my shoulders and feet do their own thing…

I forget where I am
Who I am
My body and soul were separate beings
And tonight I am in love with this feeling….

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