Friday, March 19, 2010

I Build Walls...

(I had written this long time back! Wanted it on my blog anyway!!!)

I Build Walls

I build walls
Walls that protect,
Walls that shield,
Walls that say i shall not yield,
Or reveal,
Who i am
or,how i feel...
I build walls
Walls that hide,
Walls that cover whats inside,
Walls that stare or smile or look away
Silent lies
Walls tht even block my eyes frm the tears i might have cried
I build walls,
Walls that never let me truly touch
those i love so very much
Walls tht need to fall!!!
Walls meant to be fortresses
are prisons after all...................


  1. nice..walls define people in a way. and they're good and bad in their own ways. could limit you or be a limit. your perception

  2. i like the way you put it..."could limit you or be a limit!!" :) thanks!