Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reliving a Dream

Part 1:

Will I be on TIME?:

“Me: Will we reach on time? I don’t want to be late for the match. When will we reach Dadar?
Amit: Say that once more and I throw push you off the train! Listen to music, solve the Rubik’s Cube but most importantly….SHUT UP! ”

I didn’t manage to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I was way too fidgety and nervous! How was it possible to get to the match in Brabourne at 8 if you had to get down at Dadar at 730, collect the tickets from Lower Parel and then go to Church gate on the way to the stadium? I failed to understand this, and fretted…and fretted…and fretted some more! But then realized it was useless since everything I did or said would amount to natter because at the end of the day we were still sitting in the godforsaken train!
This was going to be one hell of a ride and we knew it! It was not for something ordinary that we were willing to put ourselves on the line too…it was the IPL- KKR versus MI in Mumbai!!
But we began late and got later still, after 5 and half hours in the train just wondering when we will get to the match, we reached Dadar and the feeling of a rush took birth in my stomach. I could feel the excitement welling up in my stomach as we got closer to reaching the stadium! But that was all going to come to an abrupt halt as the madness began!
We caught the slow Western line local to Lower Parel and ran about two kilometers to the damn office where the tickets were supposed to be bought and then back to the station to catch the local to Churchgate.
In between the running when my mind was not panting along with me and actually thought about things for awhile I found myself cursing that person who had said, “Enjoy the journey, more than the destination!” This wasn’t fun at all. This seemed to be a race against time and the match had already begun!
We ran and we ran, all the time our mind’s focused thinking of only one thing… the match! That was what gave us energy! While I was running towards the office I had noticed this old lady walking, after collecting the tickets which in fact took a lot of time and while running back I noticed the same person not having moved more than a few meters! This time though she was looking at me as if I was crazy, to be running like a wild animal for no apparent reason! The look was scary! It always is with old Parsi women! (no offence meant!)
It was quarter past 8 when we finally reached the stadium and the guards thought we had actually played the match with the way we were sweating in the heat of the night! But then what we witnessed was something out of this world but totally worth it!!


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