Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Part 4:

Marine Drive makes it even more special:

“Sachin…sachin…sach… (pulled out of my reverie!!!)Abey oye ab match finish ho gaya hai! Dekh liya jisko dekhna tha…What do we do till the earliest bus?

I had just witnessed something really special and although it had ended I wanted to relive it again and again and again- the best place for that feeling of complete peace was Marine Drive. One could not come to Mumbai and not visit Marine Drive. It was nice, peaceful and left you alone with your thoughts. The way I saw it… the night was ours anyway! No buses or taxis or cabs would take us back to Pune so might as well do some thinking…alone…cut off from the hullabaloo of the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Commotion…and for that moment...the world!
It was then that both me and Amit began writing- the night had demanded it off us. And both of us, though tired and a tad bit sleepy, readily obliged!
We wrote, we walked, we talked with our own thoughts- questioning, answering and then finally just dreaming away the night!
(this was of course all before our stupid cum heroic walk back from Marine Drive to Dadar! and this was done to cut some more time in order to get the 1st bus out back to Pune!)

Thinking of it all I really am amazed I could do all this in one day, but at the end of it all, I did and I am proud of it because we got a more than enough reward for it too.

P.S. - A big thanks to Dad without whom this whole thing would have merely been stuff from my dreams!!!

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  1. good job dude!
    now you wait for my version.
    a different yet same description of it all.