Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Friends....My Life! :)

Dear Friend,
I just thought it was time to make you realize that in my life you are worth your weight in gold...
i just wanted to tell you how special you are to me......
To quote a few lines a friend once told me "You are this precious asset i just cannot afford to lose."
You have been there with me through thick n thin..
You have accepted me as i am but at the same time reminded me that i am not perfect..
You have shared my happiness with a lot of gusto but at the same time provided a shoulder to lean on ..
when i was sad
You are the 1st person who comes to my mind when i need help, when i just want to talk to some1 or share my secrets,anger or doubts with..
You add a different perspective to my life, give it a totally new dimension.....It is front of you that i really am myself..
Sometimes i act like i am strong, like i know everything....but i don't....from the inside i am lost and confused..
I might cry in front of you, but please don't laugh at me....i am a manly tough sort of way..
I get angry at you, throw tantrums which bother you....bear with me...these are the times i need you the most..
When i do not talk to you or just ignore you, don't ignore me too....take the 1st step to talk to me
Do not get angry...Or feel slighted...just understand that i will be fine in awhile
So many times i have been stubborn and pushed you to the limits..hurt you when i didn't mean to..
Apologies can be said a million times but i know it isn't easy to forget
You have helped me, supported me, loved me and i appreciate that even though i might not show it..
You, my friend, mean the world to me
And i will be happy if i can keep you happy
We might fall out of friendship or go our different ways but where ever i will be a small part of you will always be with me......

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