Monday, March 29, 2010

Looking for an answer

“Things zoom in and out of my head. Justice, possibilities, bloody foolish gov’t….blah blah blah”

Ever since the discussion on David Headley and his plea bargain with the US, I have been thinking about it. The questions in my head just don’t seem to stop. Shiril Mani mam discussed this in the class what a bunch of idiots (if I may use the phrase!) our gov’t is for not doing much about it and just accepting the terms that the US is putting forward. I don’t know much about it, so what do I do about it….my lazy Sunday is spent reading about it…in a bid to quench the thirst of knowing developed because I seem to know so little.
He is a suspected operative of the Lashkar group, the one who did all the groundwork behind the 26/11 Mumbai blasts and has some 12 other charges of terrorism against him, he has pleaded guilty to all of the charges.
Will it be enough just to have a committee go to the US and question David or should I say Daood Gilani (his Arabic name)? Why is it that he can’t be extradited to India when all the crimes he’s done or was planning on doing are related to Indians? Does the committee (if ever formed by our famed gov’t) know what they will ask Headley when they go there or will they just waste precious time in knowing whatever they already know? Will they be able to dig out the multi layered secrets of the past; about LeT, their schemes, allies, plans and their links within Pakistan.
Headley maybe a happy man even if in prison, since he got what he wanted- life in an American prison might be way sweeter than one in India. Why is it that the Americans want to keep him? Agreed that 5 Americans did die in the Mumbai blasts but it doesn’t mean that they can rule the roost here. Why are they acting like such softies when they can really show the world the “super power” they CLAIM to be by taking a tough stand on this matter?
Mr. Chidambaram, our Home Minister says that it’s not much of a setback that David won’t be extradited to India. Are these statements a cover up for the pressure that he is facing? is this the way to address the latest developments in this case or just a laid back approach, in a bid to get more time, or for that matter, is it really going to be a huge step in our fight against terrorism?
It remains to be seen whether I, one of the many other flummoxed Indians, get an answer and maybe justice is served.

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  1. good research. you will get your ans if you read mohan sir's blog!