Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Farewell....

This was a farewell speech I wrote for my cousin.....

And he liked it!!! :D

As I stand here, to speak to you, I remember the phrase “…when boys become men...” And here I am, the man! 
Please clap! 

But, on a serious note, we are finally beginning to get into the groove and will be working as full time professionals 

now. The transition is complete. 

To think that at one point of time this seemed like a destination never imagined. But today the destination is just another step towards our destiny.

And now that I have reached it and as I look back, I can’t help but feel proud of the entire journey that I have taken with each and single one of you.

These 3 years have just whizzed past us, it’s like I have been living in this dream which is now drawing to a beautiful end and I am happy, because I know another beautiful one is about to start.

The Tata’s, Ambani’s all saw their organizations grow in front of their very eyes and with this organization I can say the same…

When I came in as an intern- it was a small office, with 8 to 10 people around, working, I think!!! 

But now in 3 years, you and I have witnessed something amazing. We have seen this organization (Manish Modi and associates) grow and most of us move from that small office to this huge conglomerate. 

We couldn’t be happier but, however big this organization becomes I will always have the image of that small office with 8 to 10 people around. 

As they say, you remember very few things of the past but then the best memories are of those same few things…and this place is something I have terrific memories about.

 The real people we need to thank is our bosses( 3 of them - Amit, Manish and Samir Sir). When you say a thank you, for many it’s just the 2 words being blurted out…but not for me or any of us here, that is a sure thing. Without these inspirational leaders, I really wonder where we would be languishing, they have been such great teachers…more than that they have been amazing mentors and I wish that the “thank you” could encapsulate all the love and respect I have for them. 

 Thanks to all of you for making this experience and these 3 years truly memorable!!

I wish I could keep on sharing with you the wonderful things I want to say about this organization. But then, I will be gracious enough to give the others a chance and then WE HAVE A PARTY TO ATTEND TO.

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