Monday, January 10, 2011

Knowledgeable Fun…

These 2 days that just went by (Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th of January) have been mindboggling, amazing to say the least. And not only because I met some amazing people but because I learnt so much…

And as they say…sharing is the best way to enhance one’s memory!!! So here goes…

I will begin with yesterday (Sunday) since that’s fresh in the head. Rajesh Uncle is an ace photographer, they say that words can weave a magic web around a person…I say, with his photographs Rajesh uncle breaks all barriers of magic…calling him a magician with the camera seems like an understatement…

Come to my place in Kolkata and you will know what I am talking about…our entire house is filled with photographs (of us of course, a narcissistic family….naah we just appreciate God creating such handsome and beautiful human beings….US!!!) that he has clicked of us!

There is a lot to admire from my dad’s friendship with him, firstly the fact that they are the best of pals-they have such a good strong bond, which you see rarely in the world today and secondly, if the camera is what Rajesh Uncle uses to weave a magical web…words is what my Pop uses effortlessly…it’s like poetry hangs from his tongue the way his tummy hangs from his belt (:P just kidding, a better comparison wasn’t to be found!!)- a thrilling combo these two. There is always so much to learn from the both of them!!

Anyway, my college is hosting a fest- Maadhyam and comes up with these crazily creative contests- a promotional activity of course, but with a cause!! Anyway, their second contest was about something that I hold close to my heart and have started to love- Photography. There had be an entry from my side, I couldn’t know about a photography competition and just let it go…I knew I had to enter…

My ideas, sometimes stretches all limits and this one I think, did! There was need of lights and the one person I could think of going to was Rajesh uncle. And he was gracious enough to help.

I knew I had to plan and go and I have a habit of just planning in my head and leaving it at that. But not this time, I was going to learn a lesson and a lesson I learnt.

Just for one photograph, I saw the amount of preparation that was needed…the light setting (a barn door light along with a snoot light), a proper composition, proper and clear ideation of the entire idea among other things. It was a crazy affair, so many ideas…such a huge setup…but you know what, I enjoyed it. And I can understand why photographers are obsessed with clicking…its the joy of the final result that gives you ultimate satisfaction…and all I can say is…I am satisfied today.

Before going though both him and Pop told me ,"Doing something because your passionate about is good, but once you get into that particular act deeper you will know the level of your passion and that will make you improve by leaps and bounds. Don't just skim the surface, get into it and gain as much knowledge about the subject as possible."
I hope I win the contest, but that is later…for now I earn myself a good night’s sleep before the rigors of Monday hit me.

Thank you, Rajesh uncle for the valuable lesson.

Do visit his site and you will know what I mean.

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