Tuesday, November 9, 2010


By the time you start getting used to them; all good things come to an end- that would be how I would describe my trip to Indore in the fewest number of words possible. But then it is not such few words that I want to describe my trip…there is more to it and I want to do justice to it.
Acclimatization to a place is a problem for me and not so too- situational it is. And in this situation it was going to be a problem, of course it would be…. I would be living in the presence of grownups after a whole year. It was going to be sometime before I got used to having them telling me what to do and what not do. It was going to be weird.
No I don’t think so because having being alone for so long has made me independent…wow I didn’t imagine I was going to say that. But yeah…
Ok getting back to my trip here, I was chatting with my friends online and I just asked them how they felt having grownups nagging (would you call it that??) them around in their caring way that they have. Most of them didn’t even seem to notice. That’s got to be the heights of being unobservant and just not being in sync with your surroundings, but then people are different!!!
If this is happening now, I don’t even want to wonder what will happen after college ends. That is going to be SO WEIRD and ah that old saying….all good things come to an end.
There is time to be gloomy about all that.
A year or so is left still…and even though time passes like sand through your fingers there are those split seconds where it stays in your hand, and for now it is that time that I am going through.
There is time to start the gloomy yet.

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