Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Read, Flip, Smell- The Book-reading Experience

The first time that a book comes into your hand what is the first thing that you do, instinctively? I bet it’s the classic flip through and smell, isn’t it? Or am I just too weird and probably the only one who actually does that.

There is something about books that makes me do that and it gives me immense pleasure. Call me weird if you will. I don’t mind.

Whoever said that a book/novella is a treat for the eyes ONLY is grossly wrong. I too differ from this extremely popular belief!!

For me books are way much more than just another read through! As one passes a hand over a particular book you can’t help but notice the feel of the book- the smoothness with the occasional pronounced bumps signaling the prominent presence of the name of the book in huge, bold letters.

One would wonder, why is this guy suddenly writing about the texture, the feel of a book when all he does actually is opens it and reads it. I wouldn’t say he’s totally wrong but then he IS wrong.

A book can be read online too- in that case it would be called an e-book of course, but the point here is that some people like to hold their books in their hands when they read it. And you know why?


The feeling coursing through the holder of a book as he holds it to read is one of pure joy! The feeling is indescribable really.

And then as if mechanically, there is the famous flip through- gauging the size of the book and at the same time thinking whether it’s just another of those books where writers pen down their thoughts in an effort to sound cool or some the creation of a make-believe world to put children to sleep and keep the route of escapism open to all.

Another weird thing that I personally do with my books, especially the new ones is- I smell them. There’s something intensely orgasmic about the smell of a new book (the lack of a better word is evident!). Often books end being “made for the trash can” types but then I still end up buying it because it seems to SMELL nice.

No, I am not crazy. I just happen to think this way….

You are allowed to be weird for this post you know…childish, maybe if you call it that.

Flipping, Smelling and then Reading is the entire package and that is known to be good reading.

And no I am not crazy. I just think different.

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