Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Up Late and Unable to think Straight!

My eyes are watering, if I would see some mushy movie right now I could almost begin crying immediately. And I am tired....But I had to write. I just had to. Call it compulsion or passion (highly doubtful since all the writing I do is in MY HEAD) I just wanted to write.
I have been up late.
I am supposed to be on holiday but its ended up being quite the reverse of it- and I havent even begun studying for my exams yet. Some holiday no?
Diwali holidays....I feel like burning my books....oh right I dont have any!
Frustration. Irritation. And the likes....
Being couped up in the house is super sad, I want to go HOME!! MY OWN HOME!! back in Kolkata...i will soon...
See this is what happens when you have been forced to have your ass sit on the bed ONLY for 2 straight days, apart from getting up to get your essentials done in the morning that is!
I can almost see double of everything I am writing or wait is that a triple....wow anyone would think I was drunk. And I solemnly swear I am not. Its this damn college work I tell you....
When you have it you curse it, when you dont you miss it.
Tragedy of life.
I want to write more. But abhi nahi.....kal hi sahi....

 This is nothing special, just one of those normal, nothing out of the ordinary posts.
Sometimes I guess you need that- to be straight, to the point and extremely simple.

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