Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pachaas!!! 50!! Ponchaas…Number FIFTY!!

It’s taken awhile in coming and for someone who loves to write, it’s way too long. But then there’s always an idiom or two to crack and save my ass- I will go for the cliché- “It’s better late than never!” 
I was taking it slow…and with time I lost track of how slow it was getting. Anyway, it’s here. This 50th post. I want to thank you for the constant feedback that you have given. And I’d like for you to continue giving it.
The 75th post, for sure, will come faster. I am getting better see!!
Anyway I had thought of posting something that is close to my heart a special meeting with someone who is a role model to me. But that I guess, will have to wait because of what happened today morning.
My granddad comes up to me in the morning and says,
“I am a big fan of your writing. I have a separate folder where I save all your writings. You write so well- the depth in your writing doesn’t come across when I talk to you (not very compliment-ish but never mind!). Keep writing like this. Love You.”
This was something special. And I couldn’t help mentioning it.
Thanks a ton, granddad.
Love you.

Keep an eye for this space. There’s a lot more that is about to come up on this blog.


  1. happy 50 dev b !!! may it cut even looser! ;)

  2. thanks neilu :)) thanks soo much!! :)