Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bluish Yellow

She seemed to be one of those conservative types. Open to a lot of things and yet guarded about those precious few. It was hard to figure her out and I had already made the mistake of knowing her through the eyes of so many others, but not this time!

From the few hours we had spent together (they were quite a lot actually!!!) I had figured she was a tough nut. You know those kinds who appeared to be so tough and “nothing’s wrong with me” on the outside but had raging debates about love, life and everything in general, within.

It’s shocking really that the more beautiful they are, the more controversial lives they lead and she was just about to end her teens.


I had noticed while we had endlessly chatted that she had something built around her…some wall (metaphorically speaking of course!) or something behind which she hid herself…guarding herself. I probed endlessly, trying to figure out what it was, I was intrigued. The more I probed the further back I got pushed and the more determined I became to know what it was that she guarded so fiercely.

She was the one who would allow me in!

Late afternoon was the “in-between time”. Dinner was not even an option and lunch time had passed, maggie was the only “cheap” option. That “2 min. meal” was all that we could afford any way! Eating in silence is not something either of us was used to and what started out to be an idle chat over maggie became a long discussion, something that became more than just any other talk.

We were talking serious stuff here. And the mighty structure she had meticulously constructed seemed to be crumbling!!

Contrasting lives we led and even more contrasting were our views towards it- at least some of it. I was the cautious types venturing into the unknown infrequently. She practically lived in the unknown with the “I care not” attitude and I guess that’s where we bonded. Opposites attract they seem to have said. Today I agreed with them.

We both guarded something or the other but she even more so. So much so that one noticed. Some left without bothering, others (like me) probed, intrigued…

The blazing (late) afternoon sun gave way to cool evening breeze but the balcony remained our sanctuary. It was peaceful and our talk didn’t seem like ceasing. It was funny to bond over yellow and blue, i.e., noodles and well let’s just say that blue was her favorite color!

It was carefree chatting about life which with every second passed us by…

But time played its cruel hand in cutting our beautiful evening short, the bond broke…but only temporarily and not before a promise that it wasn’t only a one off thing…

And I guess at the end of it, the wall didn’t matter anymore, all that remained was a small smile played on her lips and that she had found a confidant!

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